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The Victorian Mining Legacy of Georgetown, CO

Recently, we fled the late-summer heat of the valley to visit Georgetown, the Silver Queen of Colorado. In 1859, two prospector brothers from Kentucky founded Georgetown during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. It grew fast during the Colorado Silver Boom of the late nineteenth century, started to fade away when the boom ended, and could […]

Boulders and Breathing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Just look at this asthma kid of mine: She scrambled up the side of that giant boulder at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in about 15 seconds. Because she is strong and fierce, even though her lungs aren’t, always. Here, she’s waving to the Steadfast Sidekick on the other side of the lake: […]

The Family Trip that Never Was

Shortly after this stretch of highway, on our way through the Rockies to Salida yesterday, something happened. It involved a smoking car, a near-total lack of cell phone reception while trying to reach our insurance company and the hotel cancellation desk, and a long, hot, and dusty wait for the tow truck that brought us […]

Adventure and Daring Plans and Colorado Mountain Towns

We’ve been planning a little getaway this summer. Not a big trip, because now that we live in a cold, interior climate, we’re going to participate in that timeless American tradition that is the winter beach vacation. In other words, we’re saving hard to go to coastal Mexico or Hawaii next winter. I mentioned Yellowstone, […]

Denver Sidewalk Chalk Art in Larimer Square

On Saturday, I went to the Denver Chalk Art Festival on historic Larimer Square. And by “historic,” I mean gold miners set up camp in this very area in the 19th century, and those settlements eventually grew and turned into the city of Denver. The festival featured 200 chalk artists who covered the square with […]

Roxborough State Park and the Fountain Formation

Sometimes I like to pack lots of food and water and hike all day, testing myself on the steep inclines and trying hard to reach the summits. But sometimes I’m tired and I just want to take a walk on a beautiful day. Behold, Roxborough State Park in Littleton: And behold the Sidekick at the […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Summer Vacation

Summer’s on my mind lately. I’ve got several half-formed plans swirling around in my brain, including a trip to Yellowstone. I’m pretty excited about that one, and while I doubt anything else I do this summer can top the exploration of one of the largest active volcanic regions (SUPERVOLCANO) on Earth, a few weekend and […]

Adventure in Castlewood Canyon

Colorado, it’s so weird and wonderful. At the park down the street from me, at the foot of the foothills, grass grows green and trees bloom pink. The parks system does water the grass, but snow melt and spring rain has turned all the lawns and medians in my area this color, too. For now. They’ll all […]

Fall Color at Kenosha Pass

I had a few posts planned this week, including a review, all of which I’ve put on hold because of unforeseen circumstances. Y’all, I am sick as a dog over here. Is it H1N1? Seasonal flu? Flu-like virus of some sort? Who knows? While sicker than I’ve been in years, achy, exhausted, feverish, and coughing […]

Rocky Mountain National Park, and a Colorado Asthma Mom

Dear Internet, I’ve fallen in love with the American West. So have the girls, although watching them apply their coastal Florida expectations to these rocky hills provided great entertainment. The Gulf of Mexico, for example, makes for a warm, wavy swim. I warned the girls that glacial mountain streams are much colder, but they didn’t […]