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High Altitude and Asthma (Or, More on My Eventual Colorado Move)

High altitude has been on my mind a lot lately as my relocation to Denver creeps–this particular move is such a long, wearying process that I do mean creeps–closer. The first and only time I visited Colorado, my daughter had no breathing problems although I had prepared for them. Of course, that back in July […]

Friday Links: Post-Holiday Monday Edition

I love my children, but this morning I’m really loving their return to school. Freelance projects have piled up, my email inbox has been terribly neglected, and near non-blogging means I’ve got a backlog of research and news links. Enjoy today’s Monday edition and this blog’s return to a regular posting schedule. Hopefully, the beginning […]

The Intersection of Christmas Trees, Sustainability, and Asthma

December finds the real vs. live tree debate on all the eco-aware websites, and articles about Christmas trees and mold triggers on all the asthma ones. This year, I’m combining the two subjects and including information from my post last year. The basics: – Live trees bring mold indoors. – But artificial trees are made […]

Why Bother With an Inhaler if You’ve Got Cough Drops?

Here’s an enlightening conversation I had with my daughter last night: AG: Mom, my teacher said to send in more cough drops.Me: Okay.Me: Wait. . . . what?AG: I’m running out of cough drops at school. I need more.Me: But I sent those in, like, three weeks ago when you had a cold. Are you […]

Throw Another Manufactured, Asthma-Friendlier Log on the Fire

It’s cold (even here), the holidays are closing in, and new readers have been landing at Asthma Mom through Google searches like, Are fireplaces bad for asthma? Indoor air quality + fireplaces Are fireplaces eco-friendly? Natural gas vs. wood burning fireplaces You get the idea. If you landed here through a search for wood burning […]

Asthma Tips for Thanksgiving

I’m running so far behind today, I’ve got to rely on some holiday-coping links instead of actual content. However, they’re links to my own stuff, so I guess this sort of counts as a real post: Traveling with asthma during the holidays, or any other time.Holiday air freshener vs. asthma, plus some alternative solutions.The elusive […]

Dear Michelle Obama – One Asthma Mom to Another

(Photo from Dear Michelle Obama, With all the focus on your husband, his transition team, his appointment of Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff, and his potential moves to shore up the U.S. economic situation, I’ve been reading a little bit about the transition to the White House you’re facing as well. And I’ve […]

Friday Links – Kids’ Flu Shots, Asthma Meds + Obama’s EPA Chief Shortlist?

Flu Shots Protect Kids Even Better Than Thought New research of 2,500 kids found that even when the flu strains in the vaccine don’t match the flu viruses actually circulating that season, the shots cut doctor’s visits for flu symptoms in half. Huge Spike in Kids’ Meds, Including for Asthma The Pediatrics journal published the […]

Reduce Indoor VOCs For Your Asthma Kids

Back before the final days of this election stole my brain, I wrote this post about Environmental Working Group’s recent roundtable on kids’ health and exposure to VOCs in the home. In it, I promised to write more about VOCs and asthma in particular. I’ve divided this post into sections starting with a quick definition […]