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Friday Links: Asthma and Humidity, Asthma and Fish, Gender Inequality in Health Insurance

Want to Understand How Humidity Levels Affect Asthma? One of the clearest and most comprehensive explanations I’ve read yet. With links, too, courtesy of the RT Cave, a respiratory therapist blog. Just What Oil Companies Need: More Dough, Less Accountability The Supreme Court cut ExxonMobil’s damages from the 1989 Valdez spill in Prince William Sound […]

Your Asthmatic Toddler May Be Flaring, Not Cranky – The Early Warning Symptoms

I’ve written a couple of times before that I wouldn’t turn this blog into a comprehensive asthma source. For one, the Internet isn’t hurting for good asthma pages–like here, here, and here. And also? Asthma Mom morphed into a blog also about air quality and pollution, children’s health, and of course a weekly collection of […]

The Summer, The Smog, The Breathing Problems

I just have to smile when I read headlines like Summer Weather Can Aggravate Asthma, Doctors Say, not because I find heat-triggered asthma particularly amusing but because summer means nothing but relief around these parts. We’ve headed into a Flovent-free three months during this, AG’s easiest season, and she doesn’t usually need her bronchodilator much […]

Asthma and Allergy Trivia, Since I Overslept

I had a post half-started for today but the girls’ schools let out last week, day camp doesn’t start until next week, and I am late, late, late. It feels like a trivia kind of morning. Who says asthma and allergies can’t be fun? Or mildly entertaining, at least. 1. Dark-colored cats are way more […]

The Asthma Mom Glossary

When I first started learning about asthma during my daughter’s worst years, I spent as much time trying to figure out the terminology of lungs and lung disorders as I did reading. Here are my variations of the definitions that helped me. Allergen – substance causing an allergic reaction. An allergen is an antigen that, […]

Summer Brings Swimming, Chlorine May Bring Asthma

Florida is a weird state, and it’s mostly misunderstood by non-residents. Tourists think we’re all Universal Studios and Disney World. Beach vacationers remember condos and palm trees only, and snowbird retirees stick to their central and south-central coastal communities. Up here in northwest Florida, though, is like a completely different state. We’re more Deep South […]

Friday Links: Mother’s Day – Sierra Club Style, Inhaler Abuse

Ooh, edited to included some self-pimpage. Check me out. I’ve sort of cracked the American Lung Association. Environmental Defense Fund Says Stop Idling for World Asthma Day That’s “idle” as in your car, not your personal habits. Ozone’s bad for asthma so no news there, but in the face of everything we can’t change on […]

Saturday Links: Singulair and Suicide, Smoking

If you’re a Blog of Inferior Breathing regular, you know I never post on Sundays but this weekend, I won’t be around in the comments, either. I’m in New Orleans, one my favorite cities ever, and that’s why you see only two links today. I’ll be back Monday morning afternoon, tired and carrying a few […]

Saturday Links: Asthma Research, Diesel Pollution, Antibiotics, Singulair

Bronchial Thermoplasty Still Looks Good, Five Years On At the AAAAI annual meeting, researchers presented results showing none of their 5-year study participants required hospitalization while receiving bronchial thermoplasty treatments. Plus, researchers recorded only 5 ER visits during those years. Bronchial thermoplasty involves using radio waves to burn off smooth muscle fiber in the bronchioles, […]