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The Pollen, It Persists

( Dear God, will the pollen never stop? Spring brings me nothing but contradiction, as I simultaneously yearn for hay fever season to end for my allergic kid’s sake and wish to hold summer off for as long as possible. I love summer, I really do. No one gets very sick around here, and my […]

What’s an Asthma Trigger Journal, Anyway?

In my further attempt to adjust this blog’s chronology of information and because I’m guessing newbies to asthma would love to know why, exactly, I’ve compiled an enormous list of triggers on the tab above, today let’s talk trigger journals. You or your kid faces a new asthma diagnosis. You read a little bit about […]

Common and Suspected Asthma Food Triggers

(Shellfish is one of the main food allergies.) I’m working on a long post right now. A long one. Since it’s going to end up as a static page, I’m taking extra time with it. In the meantime, check out this expansion of the common triggers page, a better explanation and more detail on flare-inducing […]

Behold, the Asthma Vest

(Photo: Gary Meek, Georgia Tech) This is the kind of innovative thinking that will probably help solve the asthma puzzle. Do you remember that movie Toys with Robin Williams and Joan Cusack? The one about the general who takes over the surreal toy factory? The plot was kind of all over the place, but parts […]

The Triggers

Newly diagnosed and don’t know what’s making you flare? Check this list of common triggers for some good starting points, and keep a journal of what you’re doing/eating/breathing each time you flare to figure out your own. The key to the trigger journal is recognizing the landscape rather than getting hung up on the details. […]

Asthma Fatigue or Just Plain Tired? The Tipping Point

Twelve days until Christmas. Eighteen before New Year’s Eve. Class parties, out-of-town relatives, a houseful of cousins all under the age of 10, and Santa Claus loom in the near future. Oh, and a cold front’s about to come through. We’ve got a perfect storm of possible asthma triggers ahead, and fatigue is one that […]

Holiday Presents for Asthma Kids

Dear Well-Intentioned Friends and Family, First of all, I appreciate very much the sentiment behind your Christmas gifts to the Asthma Girl. Choosing to spend your time and money on either of my daughters tells me more about how much you love them than the actual presents do, and I thank you for both. However, […]

On Holidays, Air Freshener, and Asthma

Speaking of artificial vs. live Christmas trees, those air freshener plug-ins and sprays that smell like Fraser firs, Scotch pines, or blue spruces are pretty popular this time of year for people with trees of the vinyl variety. Isn’t it ironic, though, that products designed to make the air smell clean and fresh actually dirty […]

On Holiday Candles and Asthma

And now, in this series of posts about asthma during the winter holidays, we need to talk about candles. I took this photo last night after getting Asthma Girl and her erstwhile sidekick into bed last night and thought, *Maybe the Internet folks are not terribly interested in photos of Christmas stuff in your home.* […]

Making My Fireplace Asthma-Friendly

Oh, we’re not done with the fireplace/Christmas/Asthma Girl question just yet. If I’m going to recreate my internal debate about woodburning fireplaces here where you can read it, I guess I’d better also include information about lessening the particle pollution from your wood fire (and mine), should you find yourself in the same position. Here’s […]