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Not Freaking Out About the Swine Flu

With my new shorter-and-more-frequent blogwriting strategy, I had planned to post a few more times on Friday and maybe even over the weekend, especially since I wanted to catch up on posts around the asthma blogger neighborhood. I’ll be honest with you, though: I got distracted by the swine flu. To be even further honest, […]

Earth Day Freebies, Discounts & More

I have a strong degree of. . . . ambivalence when it comes to Earth Day. Creating awareness about sustainable choices, the importance of relying on renewable resources, and other assorted environmental hot topics is always a good thing – particularly when it comes to air quality, my own personal soapbox issue. But everyone knows […]

World TB Day – Who Cares?

Tuberculosis – A highly contagious infection caused by the bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Abbreviated TB. Tubercles (tiny lumps) are a characteristic finding in TB. Diagnosis may be made by skin test, which if positive should will be followed by a chest X-ray to determine the status (active or dormant) of the infection. Tuberculosis is more […]

It’s a New Day

Intellectually, I know Barack Obama can’t fix this country’s problems as soon as he takes office today. There will be no instant turnaround for the U.S. economy, no quick and easy withdrawal from Iraq, no simple fixes for healthcare or the environment. President Obama will make mistakes like any other president, and he is bound […]

A Christmas Birthday Story

No, not that Christmas birthday story. I’m talking about AG’s Steadfast Sidekick who, as you may recall, turns seven this Saturday and had her party over a week ago. This is her, sans one front tooth and wearing her favorite present: I’m talking about those glasses, which are fake. Which are carried around in their own glasses case, carted off to […]

Babies and Chemicals and TSCA Reform

My most recent Celsias article is about the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act, and while I hope you’ll go read the whole thing over there, I’m breaking it down list-style for you today: – The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is the law that regulates chemicals in the U.S. – It was enacted in 1976, the year […]

A Beach Thanksgiving, Plus Lung News

When you last tuned into Asthma Mom, you found me whining about my neverending move to Denver, the real estate non-market, and AG’s sketchy gastrointestinal tract on top of her spazzy lungs. I feel much(!) better because of my blogging break last week, and after spending the Thanksgiving holiday with my kids I feel even […]

More Thankfulness, Less Whining

Dear Internet, I did, actually, think of two more reasons for gratitude last night: 1. Your incredibly gracious emails and comments yesterday. AG and I are both doing much better, thank you. 2. This blog–rather, the fact that this is a personal blog and not a job ’cause I’m taking the rest of the week […]

Adult Asthma Misdiagnosed by One-Third?

Are you an adult with asthma? Maybe not. In an interesting twist, while asthma is generally under diagnosed in children, up to 30% of asthma diagnoses in adults may be incorrect. Most of you probably know firsthand the long, slow process of getting an asthma diagnosis for a child. Like me, you likely dragged your […]