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Weird Health Wednesdays – Safety First

Scaring the crap out of children, one traffic tip at a time: This image comes from It’s great to be alive! an old children’s safety brochure full of starkly bleak images like this one that warn kids about strangers, traffic, and other dangerous elements. To see my other favorite page, “While hiding in a leaf […]

The Mad Science of Lab-Grown Lungs

Finding stories medically relevant to this site on science fiction blogs is always entertaining. In this instance, I’m talking about io9’s fascinating piece on the first lab-grown lungs that actually work. The creation process: Led by biomedical engineer Laura Niklason, a team at Yale constructed the tiny lungs for rats using a relatively new process […]

Weird Health Wednesdays – Anti-Smoking Ads in Japan (Again)

Oh, man. I just love Japanese anti-smoking signs with their mild reprimands and intricate diagrams. Remember these? I found even more. Check ‘em out. The first one is poetry, even: If you can’t read this one well it says, “My smoke is enveloping that man over there.” To wrap up, a little more poetry: “Inhaled. […]

Weird Health Wednesdays – Twins & Babies

British Couple Has Second Set of Black and White Twins By “second,” I don’t mean the second set in the UK. I mean the second set for this couple. Here’s how it works: the mom, Alison Spooner, is white, while the dad, Dean Durrant, is black. The twins are fraternal, meaning they come from two […]

Weird Health Wednesdays – Bird Flu Sign, Smart Sperm

This Vietnamese bird flu poster creeps me out: Then again, so does actual bird flu. The Smarter the Man, the Better His Sperm Apparently the difference in sperm quality between brainy and–shall we say–less intelligent men is “marginal,” so we can’t make IQ assumptions about, for instance, infertile men. Another 70 Year-Old New Mom in India […]

Weird Health Wednesdays – Premarital Kissing, Spiritual Car Wreck, Plus a Video

For This Couple, No Premarital. . . Kissing I’m no fan of abstinence-only sex education, but this Chicago couple is pretty remarkable for sticking to their strict premarital principles and teaching by example. They’re abstinence teachers who just got married and kissed on the lips for the very first time at the altar. Clearly, I […]

Weird Health Wednesdays: Coke Spermicide, Lightning Strike, Baby Food Costumes

Ig Noble Awards: Coke as Birth Control? The Annals of Improbable Research give Ig Nobel (get it?) awards to research that’s weird but practical. This year, working on the basis of an urban legend, Boston U. ob/gyn professor Deborah Anderson discovered that yes, Coke acts a spermicide but Diet Coke works best. (I’m guessing the […]

Weird Health Wednesdays: Asthma Games

All the breathing disorder fun you ever wanted: Bronkie the BronchiasaurusPros: The concept here is more creative and entertaining than you might think, as Bronkie’s quest involves finding the lost pieces of a giant wind machine to clean the city’s air. The screen even darkens if your character “breathes” in irritants like smoke, and you […]