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Weird Health Wednesdays – Survivalist Scenarios, Cameras as Weight-Loss Tools, Big Macs

(Weird Health Wednesdays is a former weekly feature on Asthma Mom.) What Happens to Your Body After a Lightning Strike, During Fatal Dehydration, or Inside a Vacuum This is both terribly morbid and fascinating. Discover’s Karen Rowan writes about your body’s reactions–and the processes that will eventually lead to death–to extreme situations. Want to Lose […]

Weird Health Wednesdays: Testicular Cancer Sing Along, Plus One More Video

Yes, you read that correctly. And it’s not just a sing along, either. You get an awareness campaign for testicular cancer self-exams, a bluegrass parody, and a rundown of anatomical slang, all in one funny package. (pun totally intended) Even better? It originally comes from the awareness site Carpe Testes. Get it? It’s pretty innocent, […]

Weird Health Wednesdays: Strangest Anti-Smoking Campaign Ever

From Japan: Wait. . . . what? (Flickr user: Dean Blackburn) Both the weirdly formal verbiage and the diagrammed action earned these a place here. Check out the photographer’s commentary through the links for even more laughs. Do these ads actually convince anyone, you think? How about this one? (Flickr user: Dean Blackburn) And now […]

5 Lung Facts You Might Not Know

1. Your left lung is smaller than your right one. Can you guess why? ETA this answer: While your heart sits more or less in the center of your chest cavity, the larger part bulges out to the left, leaving less space for that lung. 2. The word *lung* probably comes from *lunge,* the Old […]

Weird Health Wednesdays: A Tooth in Your Eye, Seeds for the Future, and a Dental Spa

Son’s Tooth Makes Blind Irish Man See Clearly, this story has to go first. It explains a real procedure called osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis (OOKP) that a British surgeon performed on 57 year-old Bob McNichol. His son donated a tooth and a small portion of jawbone, which the doctor then implanted with a cornea replacement and stuck inside […]

Weird Health Wednesdays: Healthy Candy, Unhealthy Grass, Body Tricks

(Weird Health Wednesdays is a former weekly feature at Asthma Mom.) Welcome to the second week of Weird Health Wednesdays! Forbes’ List of Healthiest Candies Yeah, that’s right. Healthy candy. Now, author Susan Yara makes a good point at the end of the article, that pumping candy full of extra vitamins or fruit extracts could […]