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Money, Medicine, and Fraud: The Latest in the Wakefield Vaccine Hoax

Surely you’ve heard of the latest development in the continuing saga of Andrew Wakefield. Although The Lancet officially withdrew Wakefield’s original 1998 paper last year, the British Medical Journal has now published evidence the good doctor didn’t just use faulty research but instead participated in outright fraud by deliberately manipulating his data. Why? That’s the […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Cold Air Attacks

Wintry weather never triggered my daughter, not even when we moved to Colorado and started hiking high up in the Rockies. But AG surprised me when she ended up hyper-sensitive to cold air during her recent bronchitis. About four days mid-infection and two days into her course of antibiotics, boredom set in. Watching movies on […]

Catching Myself Up, Plus Some Health Links

The last few weeks, a summary: Regarding the Children They finally returned to school last Wednesday, and today starts their first full week back. Outdoor Lab went off without a hitch, though AG fell sick a couple days afterward and then suffered through bronchitis through most of her winter break. Oh, who am I kidding. […]


I’d like to know which local school board official, when planning my county’s 2010-11 calendar, said “Oh, you know what would be really awesome? To give the kids their normal two weeks off but THEN, when all these families have spent far too much holiday time together already, let’s tack on two teacher planning days […]

Joyful Christmas

My corner of Colorado looks nothing like this picture right now. It seems to be snowing everywhere but the Denver area, in fact, and our 10-day forecast looks like we’ll be sticking with mild, dry, and sunny. Here’s hoping you and yours have a wonderful holiday weekend, no matter what the weather’s doing in your […]


The Sidekick, who is not only my Christmas baby but also – as she calls herself – my buddy, turned 9 years-old yesterday. We’ve been celebrating her day, helping AG catch up on sleep from Outdoor Lab, and getting ready for the holidays at the very last minute. Posting here will stay sporadic until the […]

Friday Links – Moldy Lungs, Flu, Inhalers and Diabetes

Picking up my girl today! I’ve got no time to chat as a result, so enjoy some lung links sans commentary: You Might Have Mold in Your Lungs Early Flu = Possible Asthma Protection Do Steroid Inhalers Raise the Risk of Diabetes? And one for the Weird Health files: Smart Phone Tests for Sexually Transmitted […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Missing Your Kid

This morning, Mr. Asthma Mom said two things about our firstborn – or lack thereof – that made me laugh. The first: This house sure is quiet without her walking around and singing everywhere. It really, really is. AG sings all the time. All the time, to the point where her voice, belting out everything […]

Into the Rockies

So this happened today: I’m feeling all right tonight, but I make no promises for the rest of week, especially considering the minor breakdown I had Saturday morning. It wasn’t pretty. There were tears. Comments are closed on this because, really: what’s there to say? “AG will be fine.” “She’ll be back before you know […]

Friday Links – Breathing Blog News, Starfish Medicine

First off, a little Friday love for some other lung bloggers: Fun With Oximeters If you’re not reading Breathin’ Stephen’s Breathing Basics series, you should be. This post covers oxygen saturation. What is it? What makes it drop? How do doctors measure it? Find out over at Steve’s place. Well, Then Our very own Kerri […]