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Under My Christmas Tree

Look what’s underneath – or rather, right next to – my tree: If you can’t identify everything in this picture, here’s a list of the ever-growing pile: 2 pairs of snow gloves 1 fleece hat 1 fleece scarf 1 pair of insulated hiking boots 1 pair of non-insulated hiking shoes 1 sleeping bag 1 snow […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Convincing Adults to Seek Control

Last week, a reader asked about expectations and possibilities of control for her newly diagnosed, adult-onset asthma. That question prompted this related one in the comments: How do you get your adult-onset (or at least, adult-diagnosed) spouse to achieve and maintain control? He’s so used to being short of breath, coughing, and wheezing that he […]

Friday Links – Coffee and Breathing, Nose Problems and Severe Asthma

Caffeine to Open Airways Ever seen this movie Trapped with Charlize Theron and Kevin Bacon? The little girl in it has severe asthma, and one scene shows her drinking coffee during a bad attack because she doesn’t have an inhaler or nebulizer with her. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the caffeine-as-bronchodilator-in-a-pinch concept before, […]

Conversations with My Asthma Tween

Let me tell you a little bit about the stage I’ve reached with my kid. First off, a little recent background: My mother came to Colorado for Thanksgiving, meaning I hosted for everyone this year. During that same holiday week, AG had one of the leading roles in her school musical. (There may be video. […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Control and Adult-Onset Asthma

Don’t you just love it when you innovate something that performs its function in exactly the way you intended? It doesn’t always happen. I’ve helped the girls with too many school projects to mention that turned out just a wee bit different from the vision in my head, and as far as anything crafty goes […]


Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! And to the non-U.S. crowd, happy fourth week of November! I’ll be lurking around the comments this week, but I’m taking a break from posting again until Monday. In the meantime, check out what asthma gifts (yes, there are some) I’m grateful for over on my newest AOL Health story. Or […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Cold Symptoms & Flares

Today’s reader response comes from my email and asks a question I used to have myself, back during the early days: In an old post on your site, you mentioned that you used to mistake your daughter’s asthma flare-ups for colds (please forgive me if I misread). I am currently under the impression that the […]

Thankful for Saline

This time of year, my kids’ activities start escalating towards critical mass and life starts to be about fitting holiday events and commitments into our normal hectic schedule of work, school, and play. This week alone, AG performs in her school musical, we have a houseguest from out-of-town, and Thanksgiving, as you already know, will […]

Friday Links – North American Asthma Care, Childhood Rates, Emotional Impacts

U.S. Asthma Care: Still Lacking 71% of these study participants had poorly controlled asthma, but 64% of them thought it was well controlled. Clearly, there’s a disconnect here somewhere. Canadian Kids Have Lowest Asthma Rates in 10+ Years Good job, my neighbors to the north. But on the other hand: Kids in Canada Feel Emotional […]

Another Milestone, of the Technological Sort

Do you remember this post about kids, cell phones, and medical texting? And the post about AG, her increasing independence, the intensely social nature of Colorado families, and a calendar that seems packed strangely full for a sixth grader? No? Well, okay. I never wrote that second post. In it, I would have described how, […]