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The Famous People with Asthma List

Lists are always popular, maybe they encapsulate information in such an easy-on-the-eyes way. Apparently, I like lists enough to patch this one together back when I was editing the BellaOnline asthma page. Today is President’s Day in the U.S., which technically means we’re honoring past presidents like Washington and Lincoln. The real-life impact of the […]

Sunday Links: Asthma Research Edition

A recent medical procedure in the family (not the girls’ and not serious) makes these a day late. Asthma and Allergy Drugs to Treat Causes, not Symptoms, on the Horizon And by horizon, I mean a few years from now. This new London research indicates that targeting a specific protein involved in the allergic response […]

Valentine’s Chocolate for. . . Coughing?

Normally, I wouldn’t post about a 4 year-old piece of asthma-related research, but this one’s entirely too entertaining to pass up. Plus it involves chocolate, so I may as well post it in honor of Valentine’s Day. This is pretty much the only way I’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day besides my annual *Buying of the Good […]

Common and Suspected Asthma Food Triggers

(Shellfish is one of the main food allergies.) I’m working on a long post right now. A long one. Since it’s going to end up as a static page, I’m taking extra time with it. In the meantime, check out this expansion of the common triggers page, a better explanation and more detail on flare-inducing […]

Do Chronic Patients Count as Obnoxious Ones?

In CNN’s Empowered Patient series, correspondent Elizabeth Cohen examines how to stay informed, on top of your health, and in good communication with your doctors. The most recent installment is Are You an Obnoxious Patient? and the inflammatory headline aside, you should really go read it if you want this post to make any sense. I won’t go into […]

Behold, the Asthma Vest

(Photo: Gary Meek, Georgia Tech) This is the kind of innovative thinking that will probably help solve the asthma puzzle. Do you remember that movie Toys with Robin Williams and Joan Cusack? The one about the general who takes over the surreal toy factory? The plot was kind of all over the place, but parts […]

Tips for the Cold Air Trigger

I know the weather’s gotten pretty bad in the rest of the country when my Florida children have to wear coats to school, although I do live about as far north as you can go and still be in the Sunshine State. Since we’ve just come out of an arctic front, and my area is […]

An Argument for Moderation

Let’s talk about blame a little bit. Last week I read this excellent post on the problem with blaming and/or judging parents for developmental disorders in children. Among the many insightful passages was this one: Most tragically, it is parents (like Sally’s) who have kids with significant developmental and behavioral challenges that are the most […]

The Triggers

Newly diagnosed and don’t know what’s making you flare? Check this list of common triggers for some good starting points, and keep a journal of what you’re doing/eating/breathing each time you flare to figure out your own. The key to the trigger journal is recognizing the landscape rather than getting hung up on the details. […]

Friday Links: Health Blogs Edition

I really don’t sit around reading about asthma and children’s health all day long, and one of these days you’ll see that for yourself when I share some of my non-medical favorites. Just not today. In no particular order, some valuable non-asthma health blogs: Dr. Gwenn Is In The personal side of pediatric medicine distilled […]