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Children and Chronic Illness: Your Response

The usual Friday Links will appear later this afternoon or maybe we’ll do another Saturday Edition tomorrow. Why? Because Wednesday’s post about raising a child with a chronic illness generated a whole slew of thoughtful, perceptive comments, and I’m still chewing over some of the more penetrating issues. Your input makes me think, and I […]

DIY Saline Nasal Washes

Yesterday, I wrote there’s nothing sexy about respiratory symptoms, breath tests, and body fluids. Today, I say let’s explore that idea further and talk about saltwater in your nose. Nasal irrigation is all the rage lately. Didn’t you know? Just this week I’ve participated in an email back-and-forth about saline washes with a regular reader, […]

Talking About Children and Chronic Illness

I had another, different post set up for this morning, but I stopped working on it for 2 reasons: 1. The Medicated Child on PBS last night. 2. Today’s NY Times Article About Robyn O’Brien, food industry conspiracy theorist and mother of a food-allergic child. Neither of these links addresses asthma, but if you think […]

Thinking About Asthma, Pollution, and the 2008 Primary

Fair warning: I have to get a wee bit political today. With the Iowa caucus over and New Hampshire’s primary tomorrow, we’re starting to get an indication of who might end up head-to-head for the Oval Office. Please note the information below is not an Asthma Mom endorsement for any specific candidate (not yet, anyway). […]

Learning to Advocate

I hope you all had a peaceful (impossible, right?) and healthy Christmas. Remember how we discussed stress both good and bad as an asthma trigger? And remember how the AG came through Thanksgiving and most of December with no major illness or flare, and while it looked like she’d set a new personal best of twohealthy holidays in […]

Asthma Fatigue or Just Plain Tired? The Tipping Point

Twelve days until Christmas. Eighteen before New Year’s Eve. Class parties, out-of-town relatives, a houseful of cousins all under the age of 10, and Santa Claus loom in the near future. Oh, and a cold front’s about to come through. We’ve got a perfect storm of possible asthma triggers ahead, and fatigue is one that […]

Holiday Presents for Asthma Kids

Dear Well-Intentioned Friends and Family, First of all, I appreciate very much the sentiment behind your Christmas gifts to the Asthma Girl. Choosing to spend your time and money on either of my daughters tells me more about how much you love them than the actual presents do, and I thank you for both. However, […]

On Holidays, Air Freshener, and Asthma

Speaking of artificial vs. live Christmas trees, those air freshener plug-ins and sprays that smell like Fraser firs, Scotch pines, or blue spruces are pretty popular this time of year for people with trees of the vinyl variety. Isn’t it ironic, though, that products designed to make the air smell clean and fresh actually dirty […]

Asthma & Allergy Coupons Online

Right before Thanksgiving I posted some information about prescription help programs and inhaler coupons. Today I found a great link for even more coupons and rebates for allergy and asthma meds, including some that didn’t appear in the last post. Internet Drug Coupons has more allergy deals than asthma ones, including Clarinex, Flonase, Nasonex, and […]

On Holiday Candles and Asthma

And now, in this series of posts about asthma during the winter holidays, we need to talk about candles. I took this photo last night after getting Asthma Girl and her erstwhile sidekick into bed last night and thought, *Maybe the Internet folks are not terribly interested in photos of Christmas stuff in your home.* […]