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FDA Failing in Resources, Science, Technology

If you want a good scare this morning, go read yesterday’s FDA Science Board report, FDA Science and Mission at Risk in this pdf. In it, the board outlines how the agency that oversees the safety of this entire country’s food and drug supply doesn’t have the money and therefore the kind of adequately trained […]

Making My Fireplace Asthma-Friendly

Oh, we’re not done with the fireplace/Christmas/Asthma Girl question just yet. If I’m going to recreate my internal debate about woodburning fireplaces here where you can read it, I guess I’d better also include information about lessening the particle pollution from your wood fire (and mine), should you find yourself in the same position. Here’s […]

On Fireplaces, Christmas, and Asthma

I’m just not sure what to do with this. This is the third fireplace I’ve owned but the only one I’ve ever lit a fire in, and I didn’t decide to start using it until last February. I’m still wrestling with this decision. I have angst. Because of Asthma Girl, of course. I know the […]

Kids and Serevent (Take 3)

Looks like the FDA may use tougher language on the Serevent and Advair black box warnings. At least, that’s what yesterday’s committee suggested to the FDA after considering salmeterol’s possible side effects in asthmatic children. The current warning should address children specifically, says the independent committee, and it should warn that using the drug increases the risk of […]

Oh, Kansas.

I’ve already explained why moving to Georgia isn’t in the cards for Asthma Family, but I might have to add Kansas to the list. Not that Kansas was ever really on the list. Do people even move to Kansas, ever? I’m sure there are many wonderful people and places in that fine state, but I […]

I Make My Own Halloween Face Paint. No, Really.

I wouldn’t say having a kid with asthma has a whole lot of advantages. Plus, I’m less a silver lining kind of woman than I am a glass-is-half-nothing-because-it-is-bone-dry one. Every so often, though, I do step out of my cloud of pessimism and Why My Kid? mode to feel a bit of gratitude for lessons […]

Did You Hear the One About Flu Shots?

You know, the one about the mom who wouldn’t take her son with asthma to get the vaccine because last year he happened to get really sick even though he’d had one? Yeah, she’s an idiot. I swear, I overheard this conversation in the grocery store over the weekend. It’s none of my business of […]

Sure Hope It’s Less Expensive Than These New Inhalers

The Aerovance company reports good test results from two clinical trials with a new asthma drug, although some doctors are apparently skeptical. Called a pitrakinra, the drug is a cytokine blocker. These kinds of drugs have been tried in the past, but the new one is different because it blocks two cytokines associated with asthma, […]

But Can You Turn it Into a Bong?

Another Asthma Mom and I were discussing inhalers and our children last night, and here’s what we want to know: Why do spacers require prescriptions in our state? As I understand it, not every state does, so I guess we’re just lucky. But we can’t figure out the reason behind the rule. Rule? Law? Statute? […]

The Ever-Shifting Fine Line

Another weekend, another parenting dilemma. My kid, who I guess I’ll give the pseudonym Asthma Girl in keeping with the theme of this blog, spent last weekend recovering from a cold, and illness is her biggest trigger. She spent most of the week needing her inhaler every 4 hours to control the leftover cough (this […]