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Tuesdays are Your Turn – Bronchodilators and Coughs

This is a long one from my email, but please take the time to read the whole thing. It raises lots of questions that many other parents of young asthma kids have (I had them.): If my asthmatic child is coughing (she’s too young for a peak flow meter btw) and I am using her […]

A Better Way to Talk About Online Health Information

I found an article last week that discusses medical information on the Internet without, for once, resorting to the tired old, “Health websites are BAD” theme. That particular subject isn’t just limiting; it simplifies the quality and integrity of many medical websites to the point of ridiculousness. This CNN article instead took the five top […]

Friday Links – Fall Allergy Cities, Paint, Hotel Rooms

AAFA’s 2010 Fall Allergy Capitals Number one: Dayton, Ohio. Who knew? When I think “high pollen,” my brain doesn’t automatically go to “Ohio,” but then I’ve never lived there. Full list of 100 metro areas at the pdf here. Do Paint Fumes Make Asthma Worse? We’ve known volatile organic compounds in things like synthetic air […]

The Young Asthmatic’s Halloween

I wrote a piece all about Halloween triggers and how to prevent and treat them over at AOL Health. Check out the article if you get a chance, and let me know what you think. RelatedDIY Face Paint

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Allergy Testing

From my email: My daughter has had asthma for 3 years and this had been quite an learning experience. I am curious if other families have had their kid allergy tested and if they found that beneficial? The great chase for the trigger!!! – Jen I took my 11 year-old asthma kid in for a […]

Friday Links – Asthma Boxing “Excuse,” Flu Vaccines

Boxer Vitali Klitschko Says Some Controversial Things About Asthma I don’t know anything about boxing except what the Rocky movies taught me, but I’m pretty sure you should file this under “Trash Talk.” (Wildly inaccurate, stereotype-perpetuating trash talk.) The Problems with Privately Funded Research Ever wonder how accurate medical research is, particularly when a pharmaceutical […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Baby and Toddler Suspicions

I write a lot about parents’ instincts and those gut feelings we all have when it comes to just plain old raising children and also the more complicated subtleties of kids’ medical treatment. Now be honest: Did you know or suspect your child had a health problem before the asthma diagnosis? I didn’t. One of […]

Wonderfully Unusual Jack-O-Lanterns

This right here, this is why the Internet was invented. Because people get creative and ridiculous and insane in the best way possible when it comes to carving pumpkins at Halloween. Behold the Pumpkin Cyclops: (By Plutor) The Witch Melt: And a Sick Pumpkin: (Both by istolethetv) Finally, this one takes the concept of carving […]

Friday Links – The Ig Nobels and Asthma, First-of-its-Kind Illinois Inhaler Law

Carrying Inhalers Easier for Illinois Students Now A new Illinois law allows students to carry their own inhalers with only their prescriptions and written parental permission on file rather than also requiring a doctor’s note, as many schools around the country do. Considering the vast number of students with asthma in the U.S. and the […]